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Keva to become more environmentally responsible

Keva’s real estate investments to become more environmentally responsible in the next five years

Environmental aspects are considered a crucial part of responsible and cost-efficient real estate investment operations. Keva’s new environmental strategy aims to considerably reduce energy and water consumption in its properties.

Keva’s responsibility as an investor is not only based on financial criteria; environmental and social responsibility matters are also taken into account. The company’s new environmental strategy for 2016–2020 sets out to reduce energy consumption by 7% and water consumption by 10% in Keva’s direct investment properties.

Keva aims to increase the portion of green electricity to 15% by the end of 2020. Another objective is to implement environmental certification systems, with LEED or BREEAM certification required for all new construction projects and properties. Keva will also acquire certificates for its most significant properties to be renovated.

The implementation of the goals will be monitored through key indicators; the most important of these are the various specific consumption indicators, which provide a view of energy efficiency according to property types. Other measures to be taken include various environmental surveys and assessments, the development of energy monitoring and engaging the users of properties in the effort to achieve the environmental goals.

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